• Are you excited to make macarons only to have them bake up with cracked tops, wrinkled shells, or non-existent feet?
  • Is it annoying not understanding exactly why your macarons baked up completely wrong?
  • Are you confused and frustrated by the conflicting advice people share around the internet as to the reason why your macarons are failing?
  • Have you been searching for the perfect macaron recipe that won't fail without understanding & practicing the techniques needed to bake macarons?
  • Are you tired of wasting money on ingredients only to bake macarons that you end up throwing in the trash?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, The Macaron Baking Experience online course can help you!

"I started baking macarons only to fail time and time again.

I was excited to finally learn how to bake macarons, but no matter what recipe I tried, they always turned out ruined. Sometimes it was very small feet, while other times the tops were wrinkled or cracked. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to master these tricky macarons until I took this course. I finally learned how to perfect the techniques like making meringue and mixing the batter. Since then, I have gotten perfect macarons (almost) every time. This course was such a confidence booster now that I have FINALLY nailed macaron shells."

- Melissa C.

Hey there, friend! 👋

I know what it's like to bake up tray after tray of macarons and have them fail time and time again...

I get it, I was there once...

But the good news is...that doesn't have to be you!


  • Have reliable and delicious macaron shells without the stress of failing.
  • Feel confident in the kitchen and know your macarons will succeed.
  • Know how to troubleshoot what went wrong if your macarons bake up not-so-perfectly.
  • Learn how to master the core techniques of macaron baking.

You deserve better!

The Macaron Baking Experience can give you access to everything you need to know about macaron baking all in one easy-to-understand online course.

I've got you covered. Are you ready to get started?



With The Macaron Baking Experience online course, you will...

  • Have access to text + video modules showing you the formula for perfect macarons.
  • Step-by-step guides for what to do and what not to do when making macarons. You'll see visual video examples every step of the way.
  • How to troubleshoot macaron problems you may run into. Whether you experience hollows, ruffled feet, flat macarons, or wrinkled tops, you'll have a flowchart to help you pinpoint the exact issue.
  • Get answers to burning questions like 'Is aging your egg whites really necessary?" or "Can I actually bake macarons when it's raining?"
  • How to master the three main macaron baking techniques including perfecting your meringue, macaronging the macaron batter, and finding the best oven temperature.
  • Finally achieve full macaron shells with little to no stress.

By taking The Macaron Baking Experience online course, you'll go from failed macarons to stunning & perfect macarons every single time...

one image collage of failed macarons with an arrow pointing to pretty macarons.


Three modules full of helpful content including:

1. The Formula for Perfect Macarons: A video guide for mastering the techniques needed to bake up macarons.

2. Troubleshooting Macaron Problems: Your step-by-step guide for solving all of the macaron troubles you may run into.

3. Extra Credit: I'm answering all the questions you have about macaron rumors you've heard around the internet.

a preview of images and videos in The Macaron Baking Experience


This module will teach you the fundamentals and important techniques for how to bake macarons.

  • Learn the basics about what macarons are, plus the best ingredients and equipment you'll need.
  • Mastering how to make meringue (French, Italian, and Swiss methods).
  • How to properly macaronage (mix) macaron batter so it's the perfect consistency.
  • Common mistakes that may be causing your macarons to fail.
  • The best type of food dye to use for achieving bright colored macarons.
  • How to find the perfect oven temperature (which will help prevent hollow shells).
  • Tips for drying macarons, and how to tell if the shells are fully rested.
  • How to properly fill and mature macaron shells.
An overview of the macaron baking experience lessons.


Learn how to troubleshoot any macaron problems you may be experiencing. This lesson will help you fix:

  • Hollow macarons with large pockets of air in the shell.
  • Macaron with no feet, small feet, ruffled, or spread out feet.
  • Flat macaron shells that didn't bake up properly.
  • Wrinkled or cracked macaron tops.
  • Macaron shells that are overall weak, fragile, or soft.
  • Irregularly shaped macarons that didn't bake up circular.
various photos of ruined macarons.


This module has extra credit lessons that will take you from a beginner macaron baker to an advanced macaron baker.

  • Learn if aging your egg whites is actually a necessary step
  • The secret to successful no rest macarons (great time saver).
  • How to achieve vibrant colored macaron shells.
  • How to pipe uniquely shaped macarons, like Christmas trees or pumpkins.
  • Recipe for chocolate macarons.
  • Tips for decorating macaron shells with different piping tips.
various photos showing the macaron baking process.


BONUS: Printable macaron templates including various sized circle templates + shaped templates for every holiday.

BONUS: Access to our video guide all about how to photograph macarons. Helpful if you need marketing photos for selling your macarons.

BONUS: Access to our lesson about how to develop a macaron recipe from scratch.

BONUS: Become part of our exclusive macaron baking Facebook community where you can ask questions and get personalized help with your macaron questions.

With almost 50 individual lessons, all of your macaron questions and troubles will melt away after taking this course.

If you struggle to bake up pretty and perfect macaron shells...



What customers are saying...

The Macaron Baking Experience customer review.
macaron baking experience testimonial.
macaron baking experience testimonial.


Is this course live?

No, this course is pre-recorded and is available to watch on our course hosting platform, Thinkific. This means you can watch it on your own time, and come back to it over and over again.

Will you show me how to make macarons from scratch start to finish?

Yes, this course will teach you step by step how to make macarons from scratch. There are 19 lessons, including many video tutorials walking you through the techniques to bake macarons. I'll show you examples of what to do, as well as what not to do, so you can begin to understand what can cause your macarons to fail.

Is this course helpful for experienced/advanced macaron bakers? 

If you have already mastered how to bake macarons and you understand what to do when your macarons bake up incorrectly, then you are probably too advanced for this course.

However, if you are still looking to master techniques like no rest macarons or uniquely shaped macarons, then this course could help you nail some advanced skills.

I already know how to make macarons, but I'm experiencing some issues. Can this course help me? 

Yes! The video tutorials in this course will help you tweak your macaron baking technique so you continue to perfect your macaron shells. The most helpful section of the course for you will be the troubleshooting module. It will walk you step by step through how to pinpoint and fix the issues you are experiencing.

I sell macarons. Will this course help me? 

Yes, this course will still be helpful to you. Not only will the videos help you better perfect your macaron baking techniques, but the troubleshooting section of the course will come in handy if you ever run into issues that you need to quickly remedy so you can get back to selling macarons and making money. Plus, I have a bonus lesson about how to photograph macarons to help you get the perfect marketing photos.

Are there specific supplies I'll need to purchase for macaron baking? How much will they cost?

Yes, there are specific baking supplies you'll need like an electric mixer, light colored sheet pans, and piping bags, to name a few. If you already enjoy baking, you likely already have many of these supplies on hand. However, if you had to purchase everything from scratch, it would cost around $100 for the proper supplies.

How long will it take to see results?

Of course, baking perfect macarons takes some time and practice. Most of our students see success within their first 3 - 5 attempts. But as you continue practicing, your macarons will become even better and more consistent.

What if I need extra support?

You'll also get access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and get the additional support you need.

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have lifetime access in accordance with our terms.

photo of a girl holding a cookie.

Hey there, I'm Jessica! After years of baking macarons, and hundreds of failed macaron shells later, I decided I needed to share all of the techniques and tricks that I've learned along the way.

Macarons can be stressful, but they don't have to be! I finally created the online course I wish I had when I was learning to bake macarons for the first time.

This course not only inspires me to continue to learn more and more about macarons, but it also connects me to a community of other wonderful macaron bakers.


The Macaron Baking Experience Digital Course

lessons in the macaron baking experience course.

Easy-to-Understand Lessons To Perfect Your Macarons

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