28 Ways To Flavor Macarons

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Learn how to add flavor to macarons. These ideas include unique fillings, flavoring macaron shells, and flavor-enhancing decorations.

If you're a macaron baker who's looking to get creative with your flavor combinations, I'm here to share my favorite ways to add flavor to macarons.

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to flavor macarons is through the filling. Macaron fillings can be almost any flavor you can imagine. Here are just a few of my favorite ideas for macaron fillings.

1. Buttercream 2. Ganache 3. Caramel 4. Jam and marmalade 5. Curd

6. Savory fillings 7. Dulce de leche 8. Pastry cream 9. Boozy fillings 10. Ice cream

Another great way you can flavor macarons is by adding flavor enhancers to the shell. To do this, you can add certain ingredients while making the macaron batter. Be careful though! Ingredients that are too liquidy can ruin the macarons.

1. Other nut flours 2. Simple spices 3. Cocoa powder 4. Citrus zest 5. Matcha powder or other flavored tea

6. Vanilla bean 7. Cinnamon and sugar 8. Espresso

An easy and fun way to flavor macarons is by decorating the macaron shells. Once the macarons have been filled, you can add a variety of decorations that add color, texture, and visually enhances the macarons.

1. Chocolate chips or cacao nibs 2. Rose petals 3. Candies or mints 4. Chocolate top 5. Marshmallows

6. Fleur de sel 7. Coconut flakes 8. Freeze dried fruit 9. Nuts 10. Cookie crumbles

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