9 steps to hosting an {intimate} at home



100+ ideas

1. Create a theme for the party

Like “summer backyard BBQ” or  “night at an Italian winery.” Something the birthday boy/girl will love!

2. Invite your guests

Make a guest list, then choose a time & date that works best for your guests!

When menu planning, remember:

- Find recipes that can be prepped ahead of time. - Think about the amount of space you have to cook/store food. - Print out recipes (and read through them) before you begin cooking - Ask about allergies

4. Find a signature cocktail

5. Find some party games

Some of my favorites are: The Voting Game, Privacy, Codenames, Telestrations After Dark

6. Build a fun party playlist 

7. Design an elegant tablescape 

8. Get your space ready!

- Clean your space - Set out serving platters/trays - Add beverages to the fridge - Set the table (if you can)

9. Morning of the party preparations

- Prep your food - Wash & empty the dishwasher - Last minute cleaning & tidying - Take out the trash - Set up a drink station - Set your table or buffet area

grab your full list of

100+ ideas