Best Macaron Piping Tips

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Learn about the best piping tips for macarons, including my favorite recommendations (with photos) for the best macaron piping tips for batter and a variety of fillings.

To pipe the macaron batter, you really only need one piping tip that you can use over and over again. Personally, I like to use a large reusable piping bag with a ½ piping tip or something a little smaller if you want more control. The smaller piping tip is also useful if your batter is a little runny.

The Wilton 6B piping tip is a larger tip that really makes an impact on macarons. This tip can be piped in a straight line, vertically, or at an angle to create different line patterns.

The Wilton 1M piping tip is perfect if you're a fan of a ribbon-like texture. This tip creates an elegant and frilly looking texture. I think this tip would be perfect for an upscale macaron, especially if it's themed around Valentine's Day, or if it's used for a bridal shower or a birthday party.

The Wilton 2A piping tip is non-negtiable tip for me to have in my macaron baking toolkit. It can be used for a variety of fillings. If you're a fan of a simple, clean look, I'd definitely recommend this piping tip.

The Wilton 2D piping tip creates a variety of textures with just one singular tip. Depending on the direction you pipe, this tip can create a ribbon-like texture or a unique criss-cross line design.

The Ateco French star piping tip is another one of my favorites. This is a family of piping tips that comes in a variety of sizes. This is perfect if you're creating a variety of macaron sizes.

This Wilton 12 piping tip is a smaller, but very useful piping tip. This is great for detailed work. While this tip works for every filling type, I like to use it to fill the center of macarons with small amounts of jam, curd, or marmalade.

This Wilton 4B piping tip is another star piping tip, similar to the Ateco piping tips. This piping tip is a little bit smaller, making it the perfect option for someone who's new to piping. The smaller tip gives you more control to manipulate the filling into the design you want.

The Wilton 18 piping tip is perfect for small, detailed designs on macarons. This dainty tip easily pipes a star-like design around the exterior of the macaron shell.

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