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What to charge customers for charcuterie  boards

Starting a charcuterie board business? This story will help you begin brainstorming the cost of ingredients and pricing.

cost of food + cost of supplies + hourly creation rate sales tax (if applicable)  = total board cost

Pricing Guide Formula

You'll also want to consider changing your pricing based on various circumstances including...


Consider including a delivery fee for any orders outside a 10-15 mile radius. Add $.50 - $1.00 per additional mile outside of your radius.


For large orders over a certain cost (i.e. $500) or party size (i.e. board for 15 people), consider adding a 10-15% gratuity.


Consider requiring a 50% deposit to reserve the event date to avoid people cancelling orders last minute.


Require customers to still pay a certain percentage of their order cost if they cancel 2-4 days prior to event date.

Eco-friendly Boards:

Charge a premium for reusable or eco-friendly supplies.

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