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Garnish Ideas

Dry Ice: Used for eerie cocktails

Edible Flowers: Add a natural, colorful element

Cocktail Pick: A sturdy surface to build fruit & flower garnishes

Flaming Lime Shell: Great for tiki cocktails

Decorative Ice Cubes: Works best for drinks clear in color

Smoked Cocktail: Great for garnish & taste of the drink

Fruits & Veggies: Layer with interesting shapes & sizes

Butterfly Pea Flower: Add into ice cubes!

Large Ice Cubes: Great for drinks that don't need much dilution

Carved Citrus Peel: Play around with shapes & designs

Nuts or Candy Rim: Texture can make a great addition!

Lemon Disk: Try infusing with spices or edible flowers

Twisted Citrus Peel: Place on the inside, rim, or top of cocktail

Mini Clothespin: A dainty way to garnish with flowers or herbs

Fronds & Leaves: Add a pop of nature & freshness

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