100+ ideas

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100+ ideas

Are you looking for a gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life? You've come to the right place! These are the best gifts for cooking lovers because they will inspire creativity and help them learn a new skill in the kitchen. All of these gifts for cooks are under $100, which is great for your wallet!

For Spice Lovers:

This masala box (or masala dabba) is a spice container widely used in Indian cooking. This box holds 12 sets of spices including garam masala, fennel, coriander, and more!

For the Bread Maker:

Tartine Bread is a very well known and loved bread baking resource & recipe book! It teaches how to properly make a starter, as well as tried and true methods and recipes for baking bread. 

For The Salt Enthusiast:

Salt is the one ingredient that we add to pretty much every recipe, whether savory or sweet. Flavored salts would be great for the home chef who seems to have everything.

For the Organized Chef:

We all have that one friend or family member who loves to have everything picture perfect. Spice jars & custom labels will help them turn their spice cabinet into an Instagram worthy photo.

For The Cheese Lover:

Any cheese lover would be thrilled to learn how to make their own cheese! This kit teaches you how to make 10 different types of cheeses and all you need to add is milk!

For the Avid Baker:

Purchase the supplies for your friend or family to make their own vanilla. You just need vanilla beans, some small 2 ounce bottles, and alcohol of your choice (usually vodka, whiskey/bourbon, or rum).

For The Restaurant Lover:

This pocket-sized journal that allows you to write down meaningful details from each restaurant you visit - what you ordered, what you want to try next time, who you ate with, and overall rating.

For the Kitchen Appliance Lover:

An ice cream maker is a great way to create your own desserts. They can make homemade ice cream and turn it into milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, or baked Alaska.

For The Wino:

Wine decanters are especially helpful for anyone who loves to drink aged red wines. A decanter helps separate the sediments that settle at the bottle of wine bottles and aerates the wine by introducing oxygen into the liquid.

For the Person Who Has Everything:

What to Eat With What You Drink Book. This will challenge them in the kitchen, help them learn about new pairing/flavor ideas, and most importantly inspire them to create fun dishes!

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