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with edible flowers

how to

100+ ideas

- Only purchase food-safe, edible flowers from a reputable source - Purchase on the week you will decorate  (they last 7-10 days) - Coordinate the flavor, smell, and color to your dessert

When using edible flowers:

I love getting my edible flowers from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals.

100+ ideas

– Decorate naked cakes – Crystalize for a garnish – Top on shortbread cookies – Use inside a popsicle mold – Top on an iced donut

You can use edible flowers to:

so, what do you need?


- edible flowers - silpat - white chocolate - coconut oil


1. Melt chocolate & coconut oil 2. Spread on Silpat in a small circle 3. Gently lay flower on top & allow to dry

grab the

100+ ideas