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How to Serve

Looking for the best way of how to serve tamales? This is the ultimate guide for what to serve with tamales - both side dishes and toppings.

Some Tamale Topping Ideas...


Marinated onions Pico de gallo – Guacamole – Queso – Pickled jalapenos – Cotija cheese – Sour cream/Greek yogurt


– Salsa (various flavors) – Cholula hot sauce – Limes – Cilantro

Some Tamale Side Dishes...

Side Dishes:

– Mexican rice Cucumber avocado salad – Black beans – Pinto beans – Refried beans – Tortilla chips

Side Dishes:

– Mexican Cucumber Salad – Air Fryer Plantains – Mexican Street Corn – Papas Con Rajas – Refried Black beans – Roasted Corn Salsa

Side Dishes:

– Queso Blanco – Cabbage Salsa – Three Bean Salad – Quinoa Salad with Green Chilies

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