How To Start A Baking Blog

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Learn how to start a baking blog in 2022 with this step-by-step guide. I'll walk you through everything from food blog name ideas to your first 5,000 pageviews.

1. Find a Niche

- Recipes for a specific population (family-friendly) - Recipes for a specific dietary preference (vegan) - Recipes for a certain type of food (cookies)

2. Name Baking Blog

– Incorporate your name – Use a food you love or that you'll feature often on your blog – Incorporate your niche – Include cooking/food-related words (flavors, baked, apron, dining, yum)

3. Set Up Blogging Platform

We will set up your blog on WordPress. Swipe up for the complete guide on how to get started!

4. Design Your Blog

Now it's time to design the website and make it look pretty! You can use a free theme, purchase a one time theme, or purchase a consistently updated theme.

5. Add Important Plug-Ins

Plug-ins help add additional features to your website. You can think of them as mini packages that add a specific important function to your blog. Some important plug-ins include Yoast, WP Recipe Maker, & more.

6. Connect Google Analytics

In order to start monetizing your blog through ads or from sponsored posts, companies will want to know how much traffic you're getting to your blog. The way you can track this data is through Google Analytics.

7. Create Blog Pages

Create an About Me page, Contact Information, and Privacy Policy.

8. Publish Your First Post

You're FINALLY ready to start publishing some content! You'll need to include a title, content, photos, and the complete recipe. Make sure these are optimized so people can find you on Google!

9. Gain Traffic

If you want people to start finding your site you'll need to work on: - Mapping your XML sitemap - Posting to food sharing websites - Building backlinks - Learning SEO

Swipe up for your complete guide to starting a baking blog.