12 Light Appetizes to Eat Before Dinner

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Need a light snack or appetizer before dinner? Here are some delicious dishes to make that would pair well with your favorite cocktail!

Grilled Peach Crostini:

Grilled peach & lemon ricotta crostini is an elegant, but simple appetizer! The grill infuses just the right amount of smokiness to this dish.

Spicy Marinated Feta:

All you need is four ingredients, along with a few spices to make this mouth-watering marinated feta. No cooking required!

Smoked Salmon Canapes:

These canapés are made with seafood and a lemon artichoke cream cheese spread.

Hummus Platter:

This recipe is perfect for serving at parties or to feed a crowd! This homemade hummus is perfectly creamy, silky smooth, and whipped to perfection.

Bacon & Onion Dip:

Try this elevated take on your traditional French onion dip mixed with a base of mayonnaise and Greek yogurt. Plus, it has bacon, and bacon makes everything better!

Pulled Pork Nachos:

The tangy, acidic bite from the coleslaw and marinated onions packs a nice punch with the pulled pork.

Individual Cheese Board:

These mini, single-serve charcuterie boards look very elegant, without the fuss of putting together a huge platter. The best part? Nobody has to share!

Apricot Honey Baked Brie:

Make this easy, melty brie cheese with dried apricots, honey, and almonds. A few minutes in the oven will transform this cheese into something special.

Appetizer Skewers:

These make-ahead toothpick appetizers are served cold, so no need to worry about keeping your appetizers hot during a party or get-together.

Beef Brochettes:

These beef brochettes are marinated in a delicious Asian-style sauce made with soy sauce, lemongrass, fish sauce, and more.

Cast Iron Skillet Queso:

The cream cheese, yellow cheddar, and white cheddar blend together for a perfectly smooth cheese dip. Plus, Tajín seasoning adds the perfect amount of spice.

Whipped Spicy Feta Dip:

This whipped dip is made from feta cheese and Greek yogurt. Then, flavor is added with Calabrian chili pepper paste, garlic, and lemon juice.