Sweet Cream Cold Foam


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How to Make

If you've ever wondered how to make Starbucks sweet cream cold foam, this is the recipe for you! I'll teach you how to recreate this delicious foam at home.

Here's what you'll need...

You'll Need:

– 2 ounces heavy cream – 1 ounce 2% milk – ½ ounce, plus more for serving simple syrup – 1 cup cold brew coffee for serving


– High powdered blender (or a hand whisk)


Add heavy cream, 2% milk, and simple syrup to a high powdered blender. Blend for 45 seconds until a thick foam has formed.


To serve, add ½ cup ice, 1 cup cold brew coffee, and additional simple syrup as needed to a 12 ounce cup. Top with sweet cream cold foam mixture.

Flavor Additions:

The great thing about this recipe is that you can easily customize the flavor of your foam and coffee through the flavor of your simple syrup!

Flavor Additions:

Vanilla: Perfect if you want to make a copycat vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Caramel: Try this, along with a pinch of salt, to recreate the salted caramel cream cold brew.

Flavor Additions:

Pumpkin Spice: Love the pumpkin cream cold brew? This is the one for you! Hazelnut: A perfect addition for any fall or winter drink.

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