Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

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Have you been looking for the best Thanksgiving cocktails? These are my favorite recipes to serve alongside Thanksgiving dinner.

Blood Orange Gin Martini:

Starting in November, blood oranges are in season. This classic and fruity gin martini recipe is sweetened with a hint of blood orange and pomegranate juice.

Peanut Butter Moscow Mule:

Make a riff off of the classic Moscow mule with peanut butter whiskey, some spicy ginger beer, and orange juice.

Sparkling Cranberry Champange:

Combine homemade cranberry sauce, tequila, and sparking champagne for an elegant cocktail that's great for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Apple Cider Whiskey Slushie:

This frozen alcoholic slush recipe is filled with apple cider, bourbon, and ginger beer. If you live in a hot climate, this is the perfect recipe for you!

Red Wine Sangria:

Mix up a pitcher of cabernet sauvignon sangria in just 15 minutes. This easy party cocktail is full of winter flavors and a bold red wine taste.

Peanut Butter Old Fashioned:

Try this warming cocktail filled with peanut butter whiskey and bourbon. Top with a garnish of orange.

Baileys Espresso Martini:

Make a twist on the classic espresso martini using Baileys Irish cream. This is a sweet, creamy martini recipe that only uses four ingredients.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini:

Need a dessert inspired cocktail? Try this twist on the chocolate martini. This drink tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.

Sugar Cookie Cocktail:

This cocktail tastes exactly like a sugar cookie, which is perfect once the holiday season hits.

PB Espresso Martini:

The classic espresso martini is getting a twist with cold brew coffee, peanut butter whiskey, Kahlua, and some heavy cream foam on top.