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Dinner Ideas

To plan for your Thanksgiving dinner, you'll want to make a menu. Here is a list of many typical Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

Thanksgiving cheese board

Cranberry Cocktail

Main Dish: – Ham – Turkey –Vegetarian friendly main (like lasagna)

Side Dishes: – Baked potatoes – Brussel sprouts – Carrots – Collard greens – Corn – Cornbread – Cranberry sauce – Gravy

Side Dishes: – Green beans – Macaroni and cheese – Mashed potatoes – Rolls – Salad – Stuffing – Sweet potatoes – Yams

Dessert – Apple pie or apple crisp – Cookies – Ice cream – Pecan pie – Pumpkin pie – Sweet potato pie

Wondering how much to serve for your Thanksgiving dinner menu?

Serving Sizes: Appetizers (before dinner): 6 bites per person Dip: 3 ounces per person Salad: 1 cup per person Pasta: 1 cup per person Main dish protein: 6-8 ounces per person Rolls: 2 per person Side dishes (veggies): ½ cup per person

Serving Sizes: Side dishes (grains): ½ cup per person Dessert (pie/cake): 1 slice per person Dessert (cookies): 2-3 per person Dessert (ice cream): 5 ounces per person Wine: ½ bottle per person Beer: 1-2 per hour per person Cocktails: 3 per person

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