Weekend Rambles.

Weekend Rambles.

There’s some kind of weird excitement and anticipation in the air. Maybe it’s the hopefulness of fall and cooler weather? Or maybe it’s just an exciting Friday? Either way, I’ve caught the excitement bug and we’re talking all about upcoming things I can’t wait for!


There are so many cookbooks that have recently come out (or that are on the way out) that I cannot wait to try! The hard part is deciding which recipes to make first!

  • Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook: From browsing the photos in this book, they look so fresh and colorful! There is a wide variety of meals in this book ranging from entertaining meals, to weeknight meals for your family.
  • Antoni in the Kitchen: I love his simple approach in the kitchen and his passion to teach others to cook. How can he not be one of your favorites on Queer Eye?!
  • Weeknight Baking: Recipes to Fit Your Schedule: The concept behind this book is so genius! Michelle teaches how to make easy, simple desserts with only 30 minutes on weeknight. Stress relieving baking after work is the best. I can’t wait for this one!
  • Half Baked Harvest Super Simple: Simple seems to be the name of the game for some many new cookbooks and recipes. Tieghan Gerard, from the blog Half Baked Harvest, has the most amazingly styled photos. Her food does not disappoint either – simple and delicious!


There are about a million restaurants currently on my “must try” list. I never seem to stick to my list either because we decide to eat at home (#HomebodiesForLife) or because another, seemingly better, restaurant pops up on my list. I’ve been excited about these restaurants for a while now, so I’m holding myself to trying these out!

  • Balkan Treat Box – on the top of so many ‘best St. Louis restaurant’ lists
  • Mayo Ketchup – A take on Puerto Rican favorites, with the promise of lots of plantains on the menu
  • Bailey’s Chocolate Bar – How I have never been here?! It’s all about chocolate, come on!
  • Coming soon on my must try list – St. Louis Soda Fountain


Fall is around the corner and I’ve caved. The girl who is obsessed with summer has caved. I opened a can of pumpkin last weekend, so it’s all over. Currently excited to try all the fall recipes floating around the internet.

I’m also excited for apple picking, Saturday afternoons with my windows open, bonfires, and caramel apples.

What are you excited for?!

I’m dying to know what you are excited for! Comment below, or share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #HomebodyEats. Happy cooking, Homebody family!

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