Types of Vodka

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If you're a beginner wanting to learn about vodka, this guide will teach you the best types of vodka including flavored and unflavored vodka. You'll be able to confidently walk into a liquor store and pick out a bottle of vodka you'll love.

Vodka Basics:

Many countries around the world produce vodka (U.S., Poland, Russia, France, etc.), and there are slightly different regulations depending on where the spirit is produced. 

Vodka Basics:

However, there's one thing that's always the same - vodka is not an aged spirit. It's ready to drink immediately

Types of Vodka:

Many different spirits, like whiskey, have a wide variety. Vodka is unique in the fact that there's really only two types - unflavored and flavored. Let's learn a little bit more about each of these.

Unflavored Vodka:

Unflavored vodka is exactly what it sounds like. No additional flavors have been added after the distillation process.

Flavored Vodka:

Flavored vodka uses unflavored vodka, and adds in a flavor enhancement. There are so many flavors of vodka ranging from citrus to summer fruits to spicy.

While vodka at its core really doesn't have much distinct flavor, smell, or color, there are slight differences in the ingredients and distillation process the affect the final taste. Here are some of the ingredients used in vodka, and how they can a change the flavor of it.

These types of vodka tend to have a spicier bite (like pepper). Wheat based vodka brands include Grey Goose, Absolut, and Ketel One.

Wheat Vodka:

This also tends to have a spicy bite, but with a bit of nutty sweetness as well. There are many popular Polish rye vodkas including Belvedere and Sobieski.

Rye Vodka:

Corn Vodka:

Typically this has a lighter, almost buttery flavor. Corn based vodka brands include Tito's and Smithworks.

Barley Vodka:

Believe it or not, barley tends to taste slightly nutty. Finlandia (yep, it's made in Finland) is a common brand.

Potato Vodka:

Potato based vodka tends to have a fuller, earthy flavor. Popular brands include Luksusowa, Zodiac, and Woody Creek.

Grape Vodka:

It may be hard to believe there is a grape vodka that tastes like lemon. Cîroc is probably the most popular brand, but there are others available as well.

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