The Best Tools for Making Sushi at Home

The Best Tools for Making Sushi at Home

Making sushi at home requires just a few simple tools! With a small investment, and some practice, you’ll be on your way to delicious homemade sushi!

The best tools for making sushi at home include:

Short-Grain Rice: It’s super important to purchase short-grain sushi rice to achieve the best produce. Short-grain rice has just the right amount of moisture and starch to allow the sushi roll to stay in place. A rice cooker makes it even easier to cook it up!

Rice Vinegar: An important ingredient in the sushi vinegar (that gets added to the cooked rice).

Seaweed Wrap: The nori seaweed sheets are an essential part of sushi! You only need half a sheet per roll, so it lasts for quite a while.

Bamboo Rolling Mat: This is a one time investment and helps create a tight sushi roll. It’s cheap and totally worth it! Make sure that you wrap the mat in plastic before rolling the sushi to help keep it clean.

Sharp Knife & Honing Steel: Just a basic chef’s knife will work, but make sure it’s sharp! A knife honing steel will help you achieve this.

Sesame Seeds: They will add a nice pretty touch to your sushi and make it look like it does at a restaurant. You can always use up leftover sesame seeds in a stir fry dish.

Pickled Ginger & Wasabi: Add during the plating process and enjoy with your sushi!

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