Hey you – Welcome to Homebody Eats (aka my virtual dinner table)…I’m so glad you’re here! Come on over, take a seat, and stay a while. Everyone is welcome, and the drinks are always flowing!

At Homebody Eats we love food, we love people, and we love sharing our home with others. We believe the kitchen is the center of the home. It’s the best place to learn about the people around us, celebrate, and just enjoy life!

We hope you will stay & learn more about becoming an amazing home chef! You can expect to find delicious recipes, along with tips for improving your culinary fundamental skills (think, “what is a béchamel sauce” or “best techniques for cooking pizza in a home oven”). I love sharing new, fun, and creative twists on food. I want to share my creativity so you feel excited & inspired by your next adventure in the kitchen.

Homebody eats writer Jessica Mode

My name’s Jessica, writer and photographer behind Homebody Eats, and I’m the ultimate homebody. My husband and I live in a suburb outside of St. Louis with our two cats Sushi and Pancake (yes, I’m a crazy cat lady, and yes, I named my cats after food, DUH). We love home improvement projects, watching trashy TV, and trying out new foods.

While my journey of loving food and cooking has existed arguably since around junior high, it really started to grow in college. While on a budget , we had to learn how to be savvy with our money, but still cook delicious food for ourselves and our friends. Let’s face it…I refused to eat ramen and cereal for every meal! We spent many nights hanging out at home in our kitchen making dinners and talking. I should also mention I’m a stress baker. Sounds like a good trait to have as a college student, right?! To say our friends and co-workers ate a lot of sugar from our house is an understatement. 

Homebody eats writer Jessica Mode

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My Favorite Posts

There are quite a lot of posts published to date, but here are some of my all time favorites!

chorizo street tacos
greek appetizer platter
red wine brownies
crispy pork gyros
watermelon margarita
pulled pork nachos
simple rice noodle stir fry
party grazing table
three types of homemade sushi

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