10 Surprisingly Unusual Cooking Themed Gifts for the Home Chef

10 Surprisingly Unusual Cooking Themed Gifts for the Home Chef

Looking for the best foodie gifts for the home chef in your life? Here are some unusual cooking themed gifts that they’ll love to add to their kitchen!

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So you’re searching for a gift for your favorite foodie friend, huh? And…it kinda seems like they are the kind of home cook who has everything? Well you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve got 10 unusual cooking themed gifts that are perfect for the home chef in your life! Don’t worry, these are gifts any home cook would be happy to receive.

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Sour Dough Starter

Sour dough starter is the perfect winter gift, especially for the home chef who likes to bake. Live sourdough starter has a much higher chance of surviving and thriving, compared to making your own starter out of flour and water. Throw in one of my favorite sourdough bread making books so you have endless recipes to try!

P.S. – Don’t forget to name your starter. It’s a tradition!

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses & Tequila

For the home chef who loves to make craft cocktails, a high-end bottle of tequila and some fun Himalayan salt shot glasses are the perfect addition to a home bar. Just make sure that the tequila you select is made from 100% blue agave (it’ll say that on the bottle).

Add in a bag of fresh limes and you’ll be ready to get the party started!

Charcuterie Board & Cheese Knives

Charcuterie and cheese boards are ALL the rage right now! The key to selecting a good charcuterie board is making sure it’s stain resistant & easy to clean, can fits lots of food (I typically like a board that’s 15-18 inches or bigger), and of course looks pretty after all the food gets eaten off the board.

You could even buy your favorite cheese to go along with this gift!

Homemade Pizza Starter Guide

Homemade pizza is one of the most fun weekend cooking projects! If you’re really into learning the art of a good pizza, The Pizza Bible will teach you all about sauce, dough, toppings, and cooking methods.

Plus, you have to throw in this ultimate pizza slicer! It’s also a useful tool for chopping heads of romaine for salads, pizza toppings, or even a batch of brownies for dessert.

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Refillable Butane Kitchen Torch

A refillable butane kitchen torch is a great gift for the home chef who seems to have everything! This torch is super versatile. You can finish off veggies, fish, beef, or desserts with a little fire.

Don’t forget to buy some butane gas (it’s not included with the torch). Then you’ll be all set for making some creme brulee!

Cake Decorating Tips

Cake decorating tips provide endless creativity in the kitchen! If you’ve got a home cook who loves to create cakes, cupcakes, or decorative desserts, they will love this!

Make sure they keep the decorating tips organized with a small organizer.

Cocktail Ice Accessories

Ice is often an overlooked piece of craft cocktails. Up your at home bar game with over-sized round and square ice cubes. And, get an ice bag and mallet for all those cocktails that need crushed ice (think moscow mule, mint julep, and more)!

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Kitchen Knife & Sharpening Steel

A good knife is a staple for all home chefs! If you have been using an old knife that doesn’t feel good in your hand, it’s time for a change! A quality knife will make all the difference in the kitchen – it’s the tool you use the most.

And the good news is, you really only need one quality knife. Make sure to grab a sharpening steel to use each time before you start cooking!

Culinary Books to Improve Your Cooking

For home chefs looking to build on their culinary foundations, these books are a must! They will teach you about flavors, balance, and seasoning. These are some of my favorite books for home cooks looking to start creating their own recipes.

Food Sample Sets

These food sets offer some inspiration for the home cook who loves trying out new products! Think of all the delicious recipes you could make from these!

Need more gift ideas?

Try searching for more unusual cooking gifts on Pinterest! Let’s discover the best gifts for home chefs together!

P.S. If you make any new recipes with these tools, share a picture with me on Instagram using #HomebodyEats. I love seeing your creations!!

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